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By Holland Dentistry
February 09, 2015
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You may not know everything that your Paducah dentist can offer you when you come for your next visit.

While our oral health is just as important as our overall health, we often don’t put it first in our to-do-lists. In fact, one-quarter of adults admit that they haven’t seen the dentist in the last two years. This is despite the fact that seeing the dentist each year could actually reduce your risk of developing tooth decay by about 60 percent. However, there is more to general dentistry than meets the eye. The next time you go in to see your Paducah dentist, you may also reap these additional benefits:

Oral care instruction

While brushing and flossing might seem as habitual as brushing your hair you might be surprised to know that you could be doing it wrong. This daily task requires meticulous care in order to be most effective. And who would know better about how to care for your smile than your very own Paducah dentist?

Of course we are certainly here to clean your teeth and treat your dental problems; however, we can also sit down with you and talk about the best ways to brush and floss your teeth. There are no stupid questions when it comes to your oral care and we are happy to show you some helpful tips you can use at home.

Sedation dentistry

Did you know that one in seven adults suffer from dental anxiety? This is often the reason that keeps people from seeing their dentist regularly; however, the next time you schedule your dental appointment ask your Paducah dentist about sedation dentistry. Through oral or inhalation sedation we can offer our patients a stress-free and relaxed setting no matter what dental procedure you are having done. If even the idea of a simple dental cleaning has you nervous, opt for sedation dentistry.

Treating sensitive teeth

Many people deal with some level of tooth sensitivity. If you are one of those people you may have ignored it or thought nothing could be done. But think again! While we can recommend certain types of toothpastes and mouth rinses to help combat this problem we also offer other treatment options (e.g., dental bonding or crowns) that may also be effective, depending on the cause of your sensitivity.

If you are one of the 25 percent who hasn’t seen their Paducah dentist as routinely as they should, it’s never too late to start. Call Dr. Jeffrey L. Holland, DMD at Holland Dental and treat your smile like the asset that it is.

By Holland Dentistry
December 19, 2014
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Find out why you should wear a mouthguard the next time you step out onto the basketball court.

Did you know that over 5 million teeth are knocked out each year, and many are due to sports? This means that nearly $500 million is spent each year to replace teeth. Unfortunately sports get a bad rap in the dental world, particularly fast-paced games like basketball, which have the potential for increase facial traumas due to close contact. However, your Paducah dentist recommends that all basketball players don a mouthguard to protect their teeth and gums from damage while playing.Mouth Guard

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a flexible protective appliance that is worn over your teeth to reduce the chance of injury. While mouthguards can be used for other conditions like bruxism (teeth grinding) or TMJ, mouthguards are a great way to protect your smile during contact sports.

What are the different types of mouthguards?

The standard mouthguard can be purchased at your local drug store or sporting good store. However, these already come pre-formed so they won’t be fitted to your smile (think of these mouthguards as a “one size fits most” device). They are less expensive than other mouth guards; however, they may not feel as comfortable or fit as well. These mouthguards are often made of rubber and can feel a bit bulky.

You can also find mouthguards at the drug store that you have to boil first and then place over your teeth to help mold it. These may conform to your smile a bit better, but again you may still feel like they are too bulky. Plus they won’t offer the same protection and comfort of a custom-made mouthguard.

Your Paducah dentist can custom design a mouthguard to offer you superior fit and protection. We will make an impression of your smile and then send these measurements to a lab for fabrication. While these are more expensive than your run-of-the-mill mouthguards, they will provide a level of protection that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Also, if you are interested in customized mouthguards then you should check out Fierce mouthguards. All of their products are custom fabricated and come in 27 fun designs. Choose from standard colors like pink or blue or opt for fun prints like Camo.

Don’t hit the court until you have a mouthguard to protect your smile. While it might seem like a hassle now, you’ll be glad you are wearing one when you don’t have to deal with painful dental treatments to correct a damaged tooth. To find out more about getting custom-made mouthguards, call our office today!

April 15, 2014
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Dental Implants: Smile with Confidence in Time for Summer

Summer is a time for enjoying outdoor activities such as swimming, hikes and other recreational activities.  However, some popular summer sports – such as swimming and baseball – can put your teeth at risk for danger.  What happens when you knock out your tooth or multiple teeth while participating in your favorite summer activity? 

If you have lost a tooth, or multiple teeth, dental implants are an appropriate alternative to partial and full dentures or bridges.  A dental implant works like a tooth and offers more comfort and stability than dentures while restoring your ability to chew food.  Dental implants may also help to improve speech and facial appearance.  Take the right step this summer and replace missing teeth with dental implants in Paducah from our dentist for improved confidence. 


Implants: A Preferred Tooth Replacement Procedure

Dental implants are manufactured “anchors” that are used in both the upper and lower jaws.  Surgically inserted into the jawbone, implants become a stable base for artificial replacement teeth.  The implant acts as the root of the tooth, and when accompanied by a crown, bridge or denture, the implant will look and perform like the natural tooth that was lost. 


Implant surgery is performed in your dentist’s office in a three step process.  First, our dentist in Paducah, KY will surgically place an implant directly into the jawbone, replicating a natural tooth root.  Following this is the initial surgery where the implant is typically left covered for three to six months to allow the bone to develop around the implant to help hold it in place.  This process is called osseointegration.  Without osseointegration taking place, the implant may fail. 

Once osseointegration takes place our Paducah dentist will uncover the implant and attach an extension, or post.  You will wait a couple more months for the gum tissue to heal around the post; with the final step taking place once healing is complete.  Once healing is completed, the implant will serve as a foundation for the new tooth.  Our dentist in Paducah will make a crown, or other artificial tooth replacement, and attach it to the implant post.  The entire process can take up to nine months to complete, depending on each patient. 


Wear Mouthguards to Prevent Tooth loss

A mouthguard is a flexible appliance made out of plastic that is worn in athletic and recreational activities to protect your teeth from trauma.  You should wear a mouthguard to protect your mouth from injuries, such as losing a tooth or multiple teeth.  Anytime there is a strong chance for contact with other participants or hard surfaces, it is advisable to wear a mouthguard.  Players participating in basketball, softball, football, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, in-line skating, martial arts as well as recreational sports such as skateboarding, and bicycling should wear mouthguards.  Take extra precautions in protecting your mouth from harmful injuries like tooth loss and wear a mouthguard.

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, but with proper consultation with our dentist in Paducah, KY a proper solution can be made for replacing your missing tooth.  The best candidates for implants are in good general health with healthy gums and sufficient bone structure.  Success of the implant depends on regular visits along with a personal commitment to good oral hygiene.  Visit our office in Paducah to see if dental implants are the right choice for you.


March 27, 2014
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MARCH THROUGH JUNE we are participating in Smiles For Life, and we’d like to invite you to join us!

Why Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

Beautifully whitened teeth make you look younger, boost your personal and professional life, and create an immediate, dramatic difference in your smile.

Professional whitening ensures the safest, most effective and longest-lasting results. When you whiten through our Smiles For Life campaign, you’re not just whitening your smile… you’re helping children in need!

Smiles For Life is the charity arm of the Crown Council, a coalition of leading-edge dental teams passionately devoted to promoting oral health, and serving their communities through charitable work.

50% of proceeds are set aside for a LOCAL children’s organization of our choice. The rest is distributed to approved children’s charities around the world—organizations like St. Jude’s Hospital, Smiles For Hope, and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Help Us Spread The Word So We Can Help MORE Kids!

This spring is your chance to make a difference while sprucing up your smile for the upcoming season of weddings, graduations, and vacations. Give us a call to set up an appointment!

And once you have your beautifully whitened teeth, spread the word! This is a perfect opportunity to encourage a great cause. Let your friends and family members know about our campaign.

Thanks for helping us make a difference in children’s lives!





By Holland Dental Care
December 31, 2012
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Welcome to the Blog of Holland Dentistry

Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a dentist in the Paducah, KY area, we’re excited you are here. With the dental industry advancing, we recognize the importance of keeping our patients and visitors up to date with all of the new and exciting things taking place in our practice.

As we move forward with our blog, we hope to promote dental awareness as a vital part of your healthy lifestyle. Here you will find a variety of articles and topics including dental news, advancements in dental technology and treatments, practical oral health advice and updates from our practice. 

We hope you find our blog to be helpful, engaging and informational to ensure your best dental health. 

As always, feel free to contact Holland Dentistryofficewith any dental questions or concerns.

-- Holland Dentistry