Smiles For Life
March 27, 2014
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MARCH THROUGH JUNE we are participating in Smiles For Life, and we’d like to invite you to join us!

Why Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

Beautifully whitened teeth make you look younger, boost your personal and professional life, and create an immediate, dramatic difference in your smile.

Professional whitening ensures the safest, most effective and longest-lasting results. When you whiten through our Smiles For Life campaign, you’re not just whitening your smile… you’re helping children in need!

Smiles For Life is the charity arm of the Crown Council, a coalition of leading-edge dental teams passionately devoted to promoting oral health, and serving their communities through charitable work.

50% of proceeds are set aside for a LOCAL children’s organization of our choice. The rest is distributed to approved children’s charities around the world—organizations like St. Jude’s Hospital, Smiles For Hope, and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Help Us Spread The Word So We Can Help MORE Kids!

This spring is your chance to make a difference while sprucing up your smile for the upcoming season of weddings, graduations, and vacations. Give us a call to set up an appointment!

And once you have your beautifully whitened teeth, spread the word! This is a perfect opportunity to encourage a great cause. Let your friends and family members know about our campaign.

Thanks for helping us make a difference in children’s lives!